10 Brand lessons from #SMWLDN 2014

social media week london

I was there and it was great! Here are 10 brand lessons from Social Media Week London 2014.

1. Even if you have a challenging brand, it’s all about working out the emotional resonance and tapping into it for meaningful brand storytelling.

2. The best way to deal with negative comments/feedback on social media is to respond and be honest.

3. Create different target personas, figure out where they are, and create individual strategies to communicate with them.

4. Wearable technology is here to stay and is a great way to promote brand image.

5. 80% of mobile time is spent social.

6. “Brands need to let go, not get in the way of creators and audience – bring something additional to the party, not just £££”

7. Social ads are better and stronger.

8. Good social media content has to be a combination of relevancy, reach and quality.

9. Customer service is not about you [the brand], it’s about shared experiences.

10. It’s not the number of ‘likes’ that are telling, it’s the consistent number of interactions that need measuring and that are key to smart storytelling.

Got any more social media gems? Let me know by leaving a comment.